About Us

Simply put, our mission is to create high quality flyfishing reels at price points that are accessible to everyone. Because our company is small and our product line is extremely focused, we are able to offer our customers a unique experience that large retailors just cannot provide. Our reels combine the most innovative technology and materials in the market with bold color and design aesthetic to create a tool that not only looks great but also makes fishing more enjoyable (if you can image that!)

Founded by a life-long fisherman with a successful engineering career, Joe set out to create a better flyfishing reel. Larger retailors dominated the market space but their prices didn’t seem to match up with the quality, performance or customer service.

At Qualifly, Joe is able to engineer a product that stands out from the rest. He will also be the one answering your product questions, packing up your orders and enthusiastically listening to your fishing stories as you embark on your own adventures with a Qualifly Reel.