Become an Affiliate

Thank's for your interest in becoming an affiliate for Qualifly! We are always looking for active influencers to help spread the word. Approved affiliates will receive a starter kit with products, an affiliate promo code, and other stuff!

Tier one ambassador / associate: We require a minimum of 5000 followers on a social
media platform or being a current working guide for 5 years or more. Tier one associates
are required to purchase a reel or reels of their choice at a discounted price. They then
choose a discount code to give their followers / clients. Once this code is used a
minimum of 3 times or for 3 reels we will refund the cost of the associates reel or reels
back to them.
Tier two ambassador / associate: Once you receive your refund you are now a tier two
associate. You now will receive free hats, shirts and other thank you items. You also will
be given free reels when new designs are released. You may be asked to test and give
feedback on prototypes. We would expect all associates to send us some pictures so that
we can use them in our marketing efforts.
Any information shared with an associate is considered Qualifly Reels property and is not
to be shared with anyone without permission from Qualifly Reels.

If this sounds like you, fill out the form below and we will get back to you!